Geolocation Verification System

Industries: Geolocation
Solutions: Web App, Desktop and Mobile components
Technologies & Platforms: PHP, Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android), C++ (Windows & Mac OS X)
Team & Duration: 2 PM, 6 developers, 6 QA, 2 system engineers; 2 years.
Overview: This is a multi-platform client-server solution. The solution is integrated by software vendors to their software products for user location verification. The supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.The system provides an SDK for each supported platform, back office web site for administrative purposes and back end web services for integration to vendor system.

Infrastructure Management App

Industries: Infrastructure Asset Management
Solutions: Mobile App
Technologies & Platforms: iOS, Objective-C
Team & Duration: PM, 4 developers, 2 QA; 9 months
Overview: This is an iPad application which is a client application for infrastructure management software system. The application is used by technicians to process maintenance service requests for buildings infrastructure.

Field Service Management System

Industries: Field Service Management
Solutions: Mobile App, Web App
Technologies & Platforms: iOS, Objective-C, Salesforce.com
Team & Duration: PM, 5 developers, 1 QA; 7 months
Overview: The system is designed to be used by a company that maintains supply networks. The system consists of a web application used by the company managers to manage daily work of their service teams and iPad application used by the company technicians in the field. The simplest flow:

  • a support manager receives service requests from a customer staff and add the service request to the system through web app;
  • a company manager assigns the service request to service team and schedules it for processing; a service team in the field uses iPad application to manage their daily work, the app provides the team with the information about scheduled work, it ensures that the team follows safety and quality standards;
  • when work is done, a customer signs off the service request directly in the iPad app.

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