Architectural Solutions Architectural Solutions
If you need architectural design services for a new or existing software system, Vixeka can help. For new systems, we will work with your company’s existing structure and standards, while also taking into account the newest trends and most cutting edge technologies to keep you on the front lines of your industry.For existing systems, we will do a full review of your system to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and we will recommend changes. We will help you identify all your requirements, and then we will work with you at every step to help you understand what is required to create the solution you need.

We can provide models such as a UML to describe the system, at any level of detail you require. Whether you need an overall logical organization view, a detailed methodological view, or anything in between, we will provide you with the structure you need to make your software design function elegantly and efficiently.

Developing Software Developing Software
The world of technology is changing at lightning speed. Any business that wants to be competitive has to keep up. We use agile systems and cutting edge tracking tools such as Asana, Redmine, Basecamp, PivotalTracker, and others to make sure that our software development is on point and up to the moment. Each iteration of each project is tested to make sure that it meets the client’s needs at that moment and is able to respond to changes in environment, priorities, or business.
Quality Testing Quality Testing
At Vixeka, we stand behind the quality of every product we produce. That is why we perform rigorous software testing on all our work, to make sure that it does what it is supposed to do, when it is supposed to do it. Our fantastic team of quality assurance engineers performs all kinds of testing on every product, activity, and service we offer, including automated, semi-automated, manual, load, security, functional, and usability testing. We base our reputation on our quality, and we make sure to get it right.
Business Analysis Business Analysis
To have a successful project, it is necessary to start with a successful plan. And that plan can only be created by first starting with an accurate analysis of the business as it stands, and how you want it to be. When you work with Vixeka, we will perform a business analysis of our company to help determine what goals and accomplishments are workable, and what solutions you need to be able to make them happen. We will also conduct iterative analyses at each step of the project to make sure that we are on track and that we are able to adapt to any changes that happen along the way. Our thorough analyses allow us to provide the best solutions for you at whatever stage your business might be.
Project Management Project Management
It can be really difficult to pull off a big project. That is why excellent project management is a must-have. A good project manager facilitates communication, keeps track of what all the team members are doing, keeps the client updated about progress, and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. At Vixeka, we guarantee excellent project management each time. Our project management methods have several steps.

  • Planning: We work with you to create a plan for the life cycle of the project. We give you this plan so you know what we are going to be doing before we start, and we update you any time the plan changes to match new requirements or circumstances.
  • Scheduling: We create a schedule for when each part of the plan will be completed. With an accurate estimation of the time and resources involved, we can prevent late deadlines, budget overruns, and other undesirable events.
  • Coordination: The most important part of project management is coordinating the teamwork. This requires understanding what is required, separating out the resources to get it done, organizing and building the teams, documenting progress and analyzing accomplishments, managing daily activities and fitting them in the project’s scope, and preventing and responding to problems as they arise.

Our project managers have the skills to get your project done and the excellent communication you need to keep your own employees in the loop too, for maximum efficiency and seamless transitions.

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